What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a chemical compound in the cannabis plant, belonging to the whole cannabinoid family. CBD is completely benign and nontoxic. Clinical studies have shown to help inflammation, stiff joints or bones, chronic pain, epilepsy and combat tumerogenesis. CBD can be isolated into a singular compound of 99.9% purity or extracted by low temperature CO2 from raw plant material into a full spectrum oil.

Is CBD legal in my state? 

RESERVE Infusible's products are compliant with the 2014 Farm Bill standards. Our Infusibles' hemp oil is extracted from industrial hemp which contains less than 0.3% THC.

Do I need a prescription or medical card to order?

No! Prescriptions or medical cards are not needed to order.

Reserve Infusible's products are made with 100% industrial hemp; these cultivars have negligible amounts of THC - 0.3% of THC by weight. The raw hemp is extracted through a proprietary process that eliminates any remaining THC. This leaves pure 100% Full Spectrum Oil. 

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the essential oils of nature. They are the cause of aromas from different plants such as fruits, flowers and cannabis. Additionally, terpene profiles (the different amount of terpenes at various concentrations) are what create different strains in cannabis.

Is CBD Psychoactive?

No, because THC is absent. CBD alone is non-pyschoactive and actually helps negate any pychoactivity from THC.
THC is the chemical compound that creates a "high". Our phytocannabinoid rich oil or hemp oil is absent of THC through the filtration process leaving 100% CBD and cannabinoid rich oil that will NOT get you high.
Our CBD products are absent of THC and will not be detected by a drug test.
The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a network of cannabinoid receptors that are located in the brain and the nervous system. CBD interacts with the ECS helping create balance in the body.
Read our reviews! Our customers know best.
Yes! All of our Infusibles are non-GMO!
Yes, all of our products are 100% organic.
Yes! We strive to create the healthiest and most sustainable alternatives to taking your Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. 
Our phytocannabinoid rich oil is extracted through a process in which pressurized CO2 at a low temperature is used to pull CBD and other essential compounds from raw hemp. The process is call supercritical C02 extraction.
The difference between hemp and marijuana is that hemp is under 0.3% of THC on a dry weight basis. 
Our products last up to 6-8 months after the purchase date
Our products are best stored at room temperature, in a cool and dry place.
No, our CBD products do not need to be refrigerated.
Hemp products at the grocery store are processed from hemp seeds and although highly nutritous, they contain minimal amounts of CBD, if any.
No, cannabinoids are benign and have no known toxicity. Although, individuals' interactions are completely different, so it is always recommended to start at a lower dose.
RESERVE Infusibles' foundation is on ther core values of compassion, quality and integrity shape our mission to supersede the current standards of sustainability, resourcefulness and customer orientation. Our formulations are from the first pharmacist formulated phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil in the United States. Currently, we provide the highest quality and purest full spectrum oil on the market and have the most experience extracting hemp. Our service team provides the highest quality and assistance in the industry. 


We have just launched our company in January 2018! We're excited to bring the newest research, studies and insight to the forefront and create the healthiest CBD company in the industry!

What Deliver Carriers Do You Use For Shipping?

USPS is used for retail orders. For wholesale, we use UPS or FedEx.

My Shipping Address Is Wrong, Can I Change It?

Yes, as long as it is before we have shipped your order. If the order has shipped, we will reship the order to the correct address, as well.

I Made A Typo For My Shipping Address, Can I Change It?

Yes, if we have not shipped your order we can fix it for you. Contact CustomerLove@ReserveInfusibles.com so we may help you.

If your item has already shipped, visit USPS Package Intercept and request a change of address.

How Long Is Shipping and Processing For My Order?

They will be processed within 24-48 hours and arrive within 3-5 business days. Any orders placed during the weekend will ship the following Monday.

Can I Track My Order?

Yes! We will provide the tracking ID and the link so you can track your order in real time. RESERVE Infusibles will add a real-time onsite tracking feature soon!

What Do I Do If I Get A Decline? 

Please contact your credit card provider to authorize LEDJ LLC or RESERVE Distribution for the transaction. If you would like further assistance, please contact RESERVE Infusibles at customerlove@reserveinfusibles.com or call us at (803) 761-7070.

What Do I Do If I Recieved My Order But Items Are Damaged Or Missing?

You may send us an email at CustomerLove@ReserveInfusibles.com. We can send you a replacement order right away!

Does RESERVE Infusibles Have Wholesale Options?

Yes! You can inquire about wholesale orders by emailing customerlove@reserveinfusibles.com for quotes. Please have your resellers license ready.

How Do I Choose My Shipping Address?

You can follow the order prompts and enter the shipping address from your RESERVE online cart. 

Please be sure to properly fill out the billing and shipping information.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept? 

We accept all major credit cards! 

How Do I Check My Shipping Address After I Placed An Order?

Your shipping address will be on the email confirmation or receipt after the order is placed.